Conventional ultrasonography versus Tissue Harmonic Imaging for the assessment of the common bile duct in cholecystectomized patients


Fig. 2 - Sufficient visualisation of the distal third of the common bile duct with conventional ultrasonography.
Fig. 2a Fig. 2b
Good visualisation with THI: evaluation of the distal third of the common bile duct was rated as excellent; better resolution allows evaluation of medial insertion of the cystic stump. The better signal-to-noise ratio allows for better diagnostic confidence in excluding stones.

Fig. 3 - Conventional ultrasonography permits sufficient evaluation of a small stone in the distal portion of the common bile duct.
Fig. 3a Fig. 3b
Tissue harmonic imaging: excellent identification and better detail resolution of the stone thanks to better axial and lateral resolution. The shadow cone is also well visible.

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