Focal liver lesion: nonlinear contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging

Enhancement Patterns of Malignant Focal Lesions

Hypo-vascular Metastases:

  • Typical features:
    • Arterial phase: rim or marginal enhancing;
    • Portal Vein phase: hypo-enhancing;
    • Parenchymal phase: hypo-, lack of enhancement.
  • Additional features:
    • Arterial phase: complete enhancing, non-enhancing  areas (necrosis);
    • Portal vein phase: non-enhancing areas (necrosis).

Case A-10.1

Multiple liver lesions in segment 5, 7, 1, solid hypoechoic. Non evidence of arterial phase. In portal phase it is found lack of enhancement. C.R.: hypo-vascular metastases from k colon