Mediterranean Meeting of Clinical Imaging - Orosei - Nùgoro

Incontro Mediterraneo di Imaging Clinico

SardegnaThis scientific meeting has brought  together a number of international experts, who work in the fields of percutaneous ablative therapies for tumours, ultrasound imaging and the diagnosis of osteomuscular disease.

Percutaneous therapy for primitive cancer of the liver is widespread throughout the world and can rely on a large number of case-studies; but some clinical problems are still under debate.  One of the principal experts in the world (Dr. Tito Livraghi) will illustrate the most recent guidelines.

Contrast enhanced  ultrasound  rests on the knowledge gained particularly in studies on focal hepatic disease; new knowledge acquired enables physiopathological aspects of vascularization of the lesions and the organ to be explained.

Contrast enhanced ultrasound enables disease to be assessed  in other organs  and clinical problems to be weighed up, such as that of the oncological patient.  A review of new knowledge will enable the situation to be brought up to date.

Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasonography are replacing traditional radiology more and more in studies on osteomuscular/tendon disease.  Experts on an international level will permit the new frontiers of integrated diagnostics in this field to be traced.  The presence of guests from the Catalan shores of the Mediterranean will allow a Mediterranean network to be created through which experience may be exchanged and collaboration fostered; the knowledge of  the others is at the basis of any knowledge.

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Saturday, 11 March
8.00 h Registration
9.05 h Welcome address: authorities and Catalan Radiological Society representative
Opening remarks
Moderators: V. Migaleddu, G. Campisi, D. Scanu
9.30 h Recent trend in the field of percutaneous therapy for liver cancer
(T. Livraghi)
10.15 h Nonlinear contrast ultrasound imaging: new information on perfusion
(V. Migaleddu)
10.45 h Coffee break
11.00 h Ultrasound and contrast agents: State of the Art in Catalunya
(L. Bianchi Cardona – C. Solduga)
12.00 h Contrast-enhanced ultrasound beyond the liver (G. Rapaccini)
12.30 h Contrast-enhanced ultrasound in follow-up of the oncological patient
(O. Catalano)
13.00 h Working lunch
Moderators: G. Campisi, G. Virgilio, D. Sirigu
16.00 h The role of Magnetic Resonance in studies on osteomuscular/tendon disease - Update (N.Gandolfo)
16.45 h High resolution echotomography in studies on acute and chronic tendon disorders and muscular disease (C. Martinoli)
17.30 h New Magnetic Resonance techniques applied to the osteomuscular system (J. C. Vilanova Busquets - F. Ferrer)
Moderators: V.Migaleddu ; D. Scanu
18.15 h Distribution of learning quiz


There is an enrolment fee of 25 Euros (VAT included). If you wish to take part in the Congress, kindly:

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With 4 ECM credits, a maximum of 100 participants will be enrolled for the Congress; telephone bookings will not be accepted. The Congress Secretariat will confirm by e-mail your enrolment and receipt of the relative payment.