About us

In 2001 a group of Sardinian Radiologists decided to create an association to gather experiences and create a focal point for the diffusion of ultrasound know-how within the Island.

In 2002 we decided to launch a website to widely inform about our research and publishing activities. We also wish to promote, through the web, contacts and debates among new colleagues in - and out of - the island and debates encouraging exchanges and tutorships.

While the surrounding Mediterranean Sea does not ease relations, it often curtails networking contacts. A website, however, will give us the opportunity to override such a barrier, by creating an information flow between the Sardinian imaging society members and other worldwide field actors.

Because the diagnostic imaging technology has been continuously developing since its creation, this website will feature servicing all colleagues by supplying them as much valuable information as possible. Through contributions of all colleagues the so enriched website will allow information and experiences exchanges.

Our association "Sardinian Mediterranean Imaging Research Group" decided to boost research of Sardinian ultrasound and imaging experiences through the web in order to encourage a common reference point in the internal panorama of radiology in the Island. This will be more challenging as soon as colleagues will publish their own technical knowledge on this website opening doors to specific questions and answers exchange. Debates and exchange can concern unlimited subjects related to our activity, our daily working life.

We hope our enthusiasm will be contagious, and thus invite all colleagues to visit frequently our website.

V. Migaleddu Presidenza e direzione scientifica
G. Campisi, D. Sirigu, G. Virgilio, D. Scanu, G. Bitti Organizing committee
D. Turilli, V. Cossu, N. Canu, L. Loi Coworkers